Breve went to foster for a month of training with Julie, one of our amazing fosters. When Breve first arrived she met Julie’s horse, Sophie, who chased her around like a kid going after an ice cream truck. However, Breve was so good and never pinned her ears and even let Julie easily catch her off the grass when it was time.

Here are some photos Julie shared about Breve’s first outing into the big world on a 2.5 mile trail walk. First, Julie easily caught her, even with a really chatty toddler on her back. Then, they took a walk around the neighborhood. Breve started off looking and calling out for her new friends, but after the first mile she was hunting the trail with her neck swinging and walking out.

Julie said “Cars, landscape trailers, goats, garbage cans, dogs, kids, puddles, there were no miss-steps! I’d be pretty impressed for any youngster, as urban living leaves a lot to get used to… let alone one that was wild not that long ago!

We all are impressed this little mare takes everything in stride and is excited about new experiences. Breve is now back at SAFE and sharing a turnout with another pony, Billy.