Razin, Sundae, and Breve have been doing wonderfully at SAFE. All three have progressed greatly and are learning what it is like to be loved and to have human friends. Their haltering skills are continuously improving, and they even did well for their first farrier appointment! Breve only got two of the four feet done, but it is a great start. We were impressed with how well Sundae and Razin did!

Razin has been an excellent patient for the vet recently. During a recent vet visit we had a blood sample taken to help determine if he was a gelding or not. Surprisingly, the results came back inconclusive! After a second vet visit and an ultrasound, it was determined Razin had NOT been gelded and his testes had not descended. This is a unique condition, making Razin a cryptorchid. This condition can be treated with surgery which is only slightly more invasive than a traditional gelding. Now that we know Razin is not a gelding, he has been separated from the mares. He has a nice little set up right next door to his friends.