breed: 2010 grey and white Arabian/pinto gelding
type of rescue: Animal Control seizure
intake date: 9/24/2011
adoption date: 11/1/2013
length of time with SAFE: 2 years, 1 month

ADOPTED by Kirann G of Woodinville WA

Moonshine was one of five horses that SAFE took in from Pierce County Animal Control in September 2011. Moonshine was a colt when he arrived at SAFE, and was promptly gelded. After being given time to grow up and fill out, he was sent into training with Andrea Lucianna in June 2013 and graduated from training with honors! In fact, Andrea said that if Moonshine had been just a little bit bigger, she would have adopted him herself, that’s how much she liked him. Moonshine was adopted by a terrific young rider who met him while volunteering as a rider for SAFE. Together Kirann and Moonshine are taking the hunter/jumper circuit by storm!

SAFE Alumni at the SAFE Show

We had several SAFE Alumni come out to compete at the 2017 SAFE Benefit Horse Show. SAFE Alum Bucky B Lucky won the Champion SAFE Alumni award, competing successfully in English, Dressage, and Western Halter & Showmanship. SAFE Alums Owen, Moonshine, and Baxter also came out to the show.

SAFE Alum Owen

SAFE Alum Moonshine

SAFE Alum Bucky B Lucky

SAFE Alumni Baxter

SAFE Alumni Baxter

Moonshine Site Visit Photos

A Home for the Holidays for Moonshine

Moonshine & Kirann

Moonshine & Kirann

Most of us have probably wished at one time or another for a pony under the tree on Christmas morning. Well Moonshine won’t be going anywhere near the Gable’s Christmas tree but he’ll be there in spirit as this wonderful family celebrates the holiday. It gives us great happiness to announce that Moonshine has been adopted! He left SAFE Harbor yesterday for his new home at Gold Creek where he and Kirann will be training to compete in jumpers.

Kirann has had her eye on Moonshine from the very moment he stepped off the trailer at SAFE Harbor when he returned from training with Andrea Lucianna at Half Trak Farm. He came home from training with the highest praise from Andrea, which was that if she’d had a client looking for a horse his size, she would have kept him at Half Trak Farm, that’s how much she enjoyed this horse. Kirann and her mom happened to be at SAFE the night that Moonshine was delivered back home, and I remember remarking to her that he might be a good fit for her. Kirann had been riding Maggie for us all summer, but Maggie had just been adopted. Kirann immediately started taking lessons on Moonshine with Brittney, and the two of them just clicked very nicely. The Gable’s decided to take Moonshine on trial and keep him in training with Brittney during that time. During their pre-purchase examination, their vet discovered a small mass on Moonshine’s sheath that had to be removed, so that extended the trial a bit, but the procedure was successful and once he was healed up, it was time to make the adoption official!

We couldn’t be happier that Kirann and her family have adopted a horse from SAFE. They are wonderful, generous people who do so much for this organization, so it’s very fitting that they should have one of our horses to enjoy. Moonshine is a super little horse, and we can’t wait to see what he and Kirann get up to next summer. We wish them the very best!!

Moonshine update!

Moonshine is pending adoption, and has been on trial with his potential new owner at SAFE Harbor, taking lessons with Brittney and learning to jump! He’s doing fantastic, we could not be more proud of him.

During his pre-purchase exams, a mass was discovered in the vicinity of his boy-parts, and it was recommended that it be removed in order to make him more comfortable. Moonshine’s tumor removal went very well yesterday, though it was a challenging location for Dr. Penny. She said it was a solitary mass with no indication of spread or any other tumors. He gets one day of stall/paddock rest, then can go back into turnout since moving around is better for the healing process. Unless he develops an infection or excessive swelling beyond what is normal, he can be saddled and *lightly* worked by Friday of this week, building up slowly to full work after stitches come out on December 11th. A biopsy on the mass is pending, but Penny’s guess is that it’s a melanoma.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on him, and keeping our fingers crossed that his healing continues in a positive direction. He’s such a good boy, we all enjoy him so much.

Santa with Moonshine and his girl

Santa with Moonshine and his girl

Moonshine got to take part in the Holiday Open House, where he was suitably adorable. (Shasta does not agree…she tried to kick his lights out when he encroached on the photo set…fortunately her legs are so short that she could’t actually make contact with him!) Here he is with Santa and his girl.

Moonshine Update

Moonshine was such a superstar at the Haunted Open House! His was the most involved costume of all the horses, and he handled it like…like…like he’d been wearing clothes his whole life. After the party was over, I took several more shots of him hanging out in his paddock. He’s hard to photograph because he’s so darned friendly, he just wants to come in close for a snuggle! I managed to get a few good shots by stepping back from the fence. He’s such a good boy, you just can’t help but like him!


We’re also very excited because Moonshine is pending adoption! Here’s a quick shot of him working in a lesson today over trot poles:

Moonshine is ready to graduate!

Moonshine has finished his training and will be coming back to SAFE Harbor Stables this Friday. His trainer, Andrea Lucianna, told us that there have only been three SAFE horses that she seriously wanted to keep for herself…Delilah, River…and…Moonshine. She said if he was just a little bigger, she’d find a way to work him into her program. Moonshine is a nice, nice horse with a sweet disposition and great movement. He’s also a steady eddie — she never has to lunge him, and he can have 2–3 days off and be just fine the next ride.  She recently tried out a couple students on him…two advanced riders, and then a relative beginner, and he did great for all three, including the novice rider! We’ll have some photos and hopefully video to share with everyone very soon, and we’ll let you know how he progresses once Brittney takes over his training. We can’t wait to see Moonshine…he’ll be picked up from Half-Trak farm in Arlington and Cameo will be the next SAFE horse going into full time training!

Moonshine Training Video

Moonshine started cantering under saddle this week without a lead pony! He’s doing great!! Here’s a video taken the week before last of his first ride off the lunge line. Look closely and see if you recognize the horse that he’s working with in the arena…it’s Delilah!! A rescue horse helping to train another rescue horse! How cool is that? Great work, Andrea and Co.!!

Moonshine’s big day!

It’s a big day for Moonshine! He’s climbing aboard the trailer and heading up to Arlington to start training with Andrea Lucianna at Half Trak Farm. Andrea will have her hands full with this sassy young man as he learns to adjust to a life where he doesn’t get to do absolutely everything he wants at any given moment! We wish them both the best and look forward to updates on his progress!


Moonshine Update — heading to training soon!

Moonshine continues to be sweet with just a little sass. He is easy to catch and handle. He is 3 now, and will be heading off to our trainer’s soon to learn what it means to have a job. He has enjoyed his time with his foster mom, Jackie who says that she’s going to miss him!

Tilly & Moonshine Update

Here’s a great update from foster Jackie L who cares for Moonshine and Tilly:

Moonshine has found a place in my heart. Each morning I stand on the deck and call his name, and he replies with a whinney. Sometimes he runs to the fence to say good morning up close and personal. We are still working on manners and personal space, and I regret to admit I don’t spend as much time with him as I’d like. He is very friendly, loves attention and will walk away from hay to be groomed. He keeps himself busy during the day by annoying poor Tilly. I’ve seen him run through the pasture and circle her to see if he can get her to join him, which she occasionally does. Other times he runs and crashes into her as he stops. Tilly is a patient pasturemate, most of the time. He likes to run the fence and get the donkeys next door to run with him. 

As I said, Tilly is very patient with Moonshine. She appears to be a calm and very sweet horse who likes attention and stands for grooming, no halter needed (fly spray is a different story). She loves her food and hangs around the fence when its feeding time in the afternoon. She spends her day nibbling on what’s left of the grass and fending off Moonshine who constantly nips at her hind legs and tail (boys…). Every now and then she offers a kick as a sign that her patience is thinning.

Moving Day

Last Thursday three lucky SAFE horses moved to their new foster home for the summer. Maggie and Tilly were sent over from NWESC and Moonshine came back from Fire Creek to enjoy life in a big grassy field with friends. The three of them seemed to hit it off quite well. 

Moonshine update

Moonshine is enjoying life at his new foster home. He’s recovered from his gelding surgery and is now living a life of leisure as he grows up. His foster mom had this to say about him:

Moonshine is doing very well here with us, and has bonded extremely well with our older TB gelding.
He is very much a baby, with all the baby antics like nipping, breaking fences and playing with everything, especially me.

We are currently working on ground rules, like respecting human space, walking, backing up, and stopping on command, and on the days when he gets to go out and play for a few hours, the work is going great. But if Moon hasn’t been out for a while, we really really have to enforce those ground rules. Typical baby!

He has the sweetest personality, is curious, brave and willing. He will make somebody a great little horse, and his antics are hilarious sometimes. Like the time he chased a deer in the pasture. The deer ran, Moonshine after, deer flew over the fence and Moon ended on his bum mid gallop. If a horse could ever have a red face Moonshine would have had one, haha.

Last week the farrier was out, and he behaved well for the most part. He should not be hard for shoers later for sure.

I can say we love having him here, my other horse really likes him, and is teaching him to be a horse. I’m trying to teach him to be a safe horse, and Moonshine is doing his best for now. He will always have a place in my heart:)

We are so grateful to Moonshine’s foster mom, Kristin, for taking such wonderful care of him. Her work will undoubtedly have a huge effect on the horse he’ll be in the future. Thank you, Kristin!

photos of Moonshine at NWESC

Moonshine is healing up after his castration surgery and making new friends at NWESC.

Not a stallion any more!

Moonshine arrived at SAFE as a stallion so our first order of business was changing him into a gelding! Moonshine was castrated on October 1st as part of our castration clinic hosted by NWESC.

Horses available through Pierce County Animal Control

Please bear with me, as this post will be long.

Recently, SAFE was contacted by Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson to request assistance with several horses that have been seized or surrendered to their Animal Control agency that they have been unable to place into homes.  Over the past several years, PCAC has taken several steps to try to alleviate the “horse problem” in their county through several open summits.  They put out an RFP for agencies and individuals to help them in providing temporary foster homes for horses that they took in.  They now have several contracts with local farms for temporary placement, and that part of their program has worked fairly well.  However, where their programs have fallen short is in finding a long-term solution for these horses, once they have been surrendered to the county and can be released for adoption.  They have tried, with limited success, to find homes for these horses themselves, and have even worked with rescue agencies to help them do site checks and screen potential applicants.  But it was not enough, and the the number of horses in their care continued to rise.  It is important to understand that unlike King County, Pierce County does not operate a small animal shelter.  They contract with the Humane Society for that service, and pay a flat fee per animal that the Humane Society takes in for them to provide vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc.  Their expertise is in animal control and there was no budget to care for all these horses nor experience in providing adoption services.  In desperation, last summer the county ran two horses from the Eatonville case (where Zanadu, Calamity, and Nadia came from) through the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion, with disastrous results — both ended up in the kill pen slated for slaughter.  Both horses were rescued, with the county even paying the $300 “bail” to re-rescue Nadia on the condition that SAFE take her.  We did, and she was later put into training and then adopted into a home.  There was a lot of public outcry towards the county for this, and they have learned from their mistake and will no longer run horses through the sale.  But that still leaves the county with a significant dilemma, what to do with all these horses? read more…