Moonshine is pending adoption, and has been on trial with his potential new owner at SAFE Harbor, taking lessons with Brittney and learning to jump! He’s doing fantastic, we could not be more proud of him.

During his pre-purchase exams, a mass was discovered in the vicinity of his boy-parts, and it was recommended that it be removed in order to make him more comfortable. Moonshine’s tumor removal went very well yesterday, though it was a challenging location for Dr. Penny. She said it was a solitary mass with no indication of spread or any other tumors. He gets one day of stall/paddock rest, then can go back into turnout since moving around is better for the healing process. Unless he develops an infection or excessive swelling beyond what is normal, he can be saddled and *lightly* worked by Friday of this week, building up slowly to full work after stitches come out on December 11th. A biopsy on the mass is pending, but Penny’s guess is that it’s a melanoma.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on him, and keeping our fingers crossed that his healing continues in a positive direction. He’s such a good boy, we all enjoy him so much.

Santa with Moonshine and his girl

Santa with Moonshine and his girl

Moonshine got to take part in the Holiday Open House, where he was suitably adorable. (Shasta does not agree…she tried to kick his lights out when he encroached on the photo set…fortunately her legs are so short that she could’t actually make contact with him!) Here he is with Santa and his girl.