Moonshine is enjoying life at his new foster home. He’s recovered from his gelding surgery and is now living a life of leisure as he grows up. His foster mom had this to say about him:

Moonshine is doing very well here with us, and has bonded extremely well with our older TB gelding.
He is very much a baby, with all the baby antics like nipping, breaking fences and playing with everything, especially me.

We are currently working on ground rules, like respecting human space, walking, backing up, and stopping on command, and on the days when he gets to go out and play for a few hours, the work is going great. But if Moon hasn’t been out for a while, we really really have to enforce those ground rules. Typical baby!

He has the sweetest personality, is curious, brave and willing. He will make somebody a great little horse, and his antics are hilarious sometimes. Like the time he chased a deer in the pasture. The deer ran, Moonshine after, deer flew over the fence and Moon ended on his bum mid gallop. If a horse could ever have a red face Moonshine would have had one, haha.

Last week the farrier was out, and he behaved well for the most part. He should not be hard for shoers later for sure.

I can say we love having him here, my other horse really likes him, and is teaching him to be a horse. I’m trying to teach him to be a safe horse, and Moonshine is doing his best for now. He will always have a place in my heart:)

We are so grateful to Moonshine’s foster mom, Kristin, for taking such wonderful care of him. Her work will undoubtedly have a huge effect on the horse he’ll be in the future. Thank you, Kristin!