Moonshine has finished his training and will be coming back to SAFE Harbor Stables this Friday. His trainer, Andrea Lucianna, told us that there have only been three SAFE horses that she seriously wanted to keep for herself…Delilah, River…and…Moonshine. She said if he was just a little bigger, she’d find a way to work him into her program. Moonshine is a nice, nice horse with a sweet disposition and great movement. He’s also a steady eddie — she never has to lunge him, and he can have 2–3 days off and be just fine the next ride.  She recently tried out a couple students on him…two advanced riders, and then a relative beginner, and he did great for all three, including the novice rider! We’ll have some photos and hopefully video to share with everyone very soon, and we’ll let you know how he progresses once Brittney takes over his training. We can’t wait to see Moonshine…he’ll be picked up from Half-Trak farm in Arlington and Cameo will be the next SAFE horse going into full time training!