Scotti’s been being a pill to Lola and Aiden and Classy was having a nervous fit about being moved to another pasture and so I thought I’d try the two of them out together. Classy has a reputation for being dominant to other horses but I figured Scotti could use some getting kicked around as sassy as he is.

Well Classy’s reputation held true…WOW! She just exuded fury at him…and he did something I have never seen a horse do…first he went up to her doing that clacking thing that babies do, but as she just turned on the mean mare face more he actually squatted down like a submissive dog does, to the point he almost laid down completely! He did it more than once…the only thing that stopped him was her swinging her butt at him causing him to run off. She’s really being pretty mean and totally obsessing about Annie in the next pasture for some reason. But at least with her abcess she isn’t moving very fast right now so he could easily outrun her. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t settle down but within an hour they were both grazing together away from the fenceline and Annie, so we shall see.

It is good for Scotti to get bossed around a bit.…maybe knock the Naughty right out of Scotti!