2 yrs old
12.2 HH
530 lbs
Hobart, WA

Frosting is pretty little Mustang filly, who was seized along with three other horses, one of them her dam, by Animal Control in Snohomish County. During her neglect, Frosting was nursing, so she was less affected by starvation than the rest of her friends. She arrived at SAFE as a woolly little thing but eventually she shed away her long matted coat and has a smooth coat. Frosting is currently in at a foster home in Hobart, WA with her friend Fancy. She’s very friendly and curious, and has a bright future ahead of her.

All SAFE horses are adopted with a no-breeding clause, no exceptions.

Frosting: Duckling Turned Swan

Frosting: Duckling Turned Swan

Take a look at our little “ugly duckling’s” transformation into a swan this spring! What a difference good food and care has made! She is turning into a gorgeous young mare — it’s almost hard to believe she’s the same horse as she was when she arrived! 




Frosting in the Sun

Frosting in the Sun

Check out this photo Frosting’s foster mom sent us of Frosting and her BFF, SAFE Alumna Fancy, enjoying a nap in the sun together. There’s nothing quite like basking in those rare wintertime rays with your buddy by your side! 

Playful Frosting

Playful Frosting

Frosting’s foster mom, Casey, wrote an update on Frosting and here’s what she had to say about her:

Frosting is a great companion on the farm! Right now, we’re just giving her time to grow up and learn the basics. She is pretty fearless and has no trouble with blanketing, mane and tail spray, hosing, grooming, leading, etc.  Even when Frosting’s paddock mate is away for a ride, Frosting remains unconcerned. 

Frosting is also as entertaining as ever!  She is constantly getting into shenanigans, and paddock buddy Fancy certainly thinks she’s a pesky little sister. She loves to pull tarps into their paddock and run around with them as if on a victory lap. I once left Fancy’s rain sheet too close to the fence, and that got dragged around. Luckily no damage done, just a soggy blanket. She was given a Jolly Ball (horse toy) for entertainment, and it does work, but much like a cat, the free old tarp is much more appealing. She also likes to be as dirty as possible, so it was a relief when a new rain sheet was delivered! Rolling in the snow is her new favorite thing, which is a welcome reprieve. 

Night check is my favorite. The girls are usually in the same stall, and one or the other is laying down taking a snooze. As much as Fancy thinks Frosting is pesky, she appreciates her company, too.”

Frosting’s First Farrier Visit

Frosting’s First Farrier Visit

Frosting is currently at foster with Fancy’s adopter, one of SAFE’s volunteer riders. While Frosting is fostered, SAFE will continue to pay for her veterinary and farrier care. Frosting had her first visit with the farrier and was a brave little mustang throughout the process, although she gave the farrier and her handler a good run for their money. Frosting needs continued work on having her feet handled. The stress warts that Frosting had on her nose upon arrival at SAFE have mostly cleared up. These were most likely caused by a too abrupt weaning. Frosting is losing her fuzziness and is turning into a real beauty.

Foster for Frosting

Foster for Frosting

Little Frosting is away at foster and is living her best life. When Casey, one of our volunteer riders, decided to adopt Fancy, she wanted to have a friend for Fancy and also continue to be part of the horsemanship program at SAFE, even though she recently moved farther away. So Casey decided to always foster a horse from SAFE and Frosting is the first lucky girl.

Casey’s property is perfect for multiple horses and gives Frosting the chance to grow up with the best guidance we could offer her. With both Casey and Fancy as her teachers, she will be set up for success when she finally returns to SAFE ready for adoption. Right now, she gets to enjoy being a young little thing hanging out with her big sister, enjoying sunshine and a little grass.


Grass turnout time at foster

Frosting and Fancy become friends at SAFE

Frosting Arrives at SAFE

Frosting Arrives at SAFE

Witness Frosting’s first moments at SAFE after Animal Control dropped her off. Having Veronica as her neighbor was a highlight for this young mustang who makes sure Veronica knows she is a baby by clacking her teeth.


A New Horse at SAFE: meet Frosting!

A New Horse at SAFE: meet Frosting!

Frosting is an 8 month old Mustang filly who was one of four horses seized by Animal Control due to neglect. Having just taken in seven ponies from another county, SAFE was not able to take all four of the horses, so one went to Pony Up and two went to a private rescuer. Frosting, being so young, will likely be with SAFE for a few years, since we prefer to start horses under saddle before offering them for adoption.

Frosting is absolutely adorable. She’s a scruffy little girl with big eyes and a wavy mane that flutters around her head. She’s shy, but extremely curious and she seems to want to make friends. She’s certainly done her best to make friends with her next door neighbor, Veronica. The two play together from either side of the fence. Like many foals do, Frosting will often “clack” at older horses with her mouth, a gesture that’s meant to say “I’m just a little baby, please don’t hurt me!” Again, absolutely adorable.

Frosting was seized along with her dam, so she was able to maintain decent weight while nursing. This is something we’ve seen before in rescue: thin, starved mares who give birth to relatively healthy foals. It’s remarkable how much a mother will give of herself to her offspring. But we’ve also experienced the heartbreak of losing foals that were born into neglect situations, because their needs weren’t met when they were small. So we’ll be keeping a close eye on Frosting. She’s a lovely filly who is full of life, and we will do all that we can to keep her that way.










Frosting’s Friends:


1. Tiffany L.

2. Stephanie L.

3. Katherin M.

4. McKinley P.

5. Bear C.

6. Victoria N.

7. Brie C‑D.

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