One of the very best things about rescuing young horses is that we are able to shape so many of their formative experiences in a positive way. Frosting had her first dental this week, and was as good as gold. She had a few little sharp points, but nothing that would be seen outside of a routine float. She had a cap on a right molar that our vet helped to pop off (with ease!), revealing a healthy adult tooth beneath. If her increased measurements on the height/weight tape weren’t already telling us, the fact that she’s losing baby teeth sure is reaffirming that this little girl is growing up!

Frosting with her cap

Even better than bubblegum toothpaste is a shot of xylazine to help relax. Frosting didn’t need much help finding her zen — even before the sedation, she was mellow, watching the vet set up all the tools and arrange all the instruments with curiosity, not fear. It’s never particularly fun to see the dentist, but when they’re as kind and gentle as our vets, it makes it a whole lot easier! Frosting certainly didn’t seem to have any complaints, and while her mouth likely will feel funny for a few days, in the long-run, her teeth will thank us.