Frosting’s foster mom, Casey, wrote an update on Frosting and here’s what she had to say about her:

Frosting is a great companion on the farm! Right now, we’re just giving her time to grow up and learn the basics. She is pretty fearless and has no trouble with blanketing, mane and tail spray, hosing, grooming, leading, etc.  Even when Frosting’s paddock mate is away for a ride, Frosting remains unconcerned. 

Frosting is also as entertaining as ever!  She is constantly getting into shenanigans, and paddock buddy Fancy certainly thinks she’s a pesky little sister. She loves to pull tarps into their paddock and run around with them as if on a victory lap. I once left Fancy’s rain sheet too close to the fence, and that got dragged around. Luckily no damage done, just a soggy blanket. She was given a Jolly Ball (horse toy) for entertainment, and it does work, but much like a cat, the free old tarp is much more appealing. She also likes to be as dirty as possible, so it was a relief when a new rain sheet was delivered! Rolling in the snow is her new favorite thing, which is a welcome reprieve. 

Night check is my favorite. The girls are usually in the same stall, and one or the other is laying down taking a snooze. As much as Fancy thinks Frosting is pesky, she appreciates her company, too.”