Frosting is really coming into herself as nice little mare! Hers is truly an ugly duckling story — it is hard to believe the scraggly, ratty little creature who arrived at SAFE is the same mare who stands before us now, a true beauty. But looks aren’t everything, and we would love Frosting just as much had she not had such an impressive metamorphosis.

She was started under saddle earlier this year, and has since had around 10 rides. We ease our youngsters into their riding careers gradually, with a great emphasis on allowing them to grow up in between their work under saddle. Frosting spends the majority of her time turned out with her herd, where she plays at being boss mare while being bossed around by the true leaders of the pack (hence all her little scrapes and scratches!).

Recently, we switched our main arena to our covered outdoor, a new location for a lot of our horses. Frosting took it all in stride, barely batting an eye at the new sights and sounds.

Frosting also began work in the bridle. Previously she had only been ridden in the halter, but more and more work was done to transition her into the snaffle. This looked like a ride that began in the halter, and finished with a little bit of work in the snaffle bit.

The ride below shows the very first time Frosting’s ride began in the snaffle, with no prior work under saddle in the halter.