Our sweet filly Frosting sure is growing up quick! This little lady is really growing into a beautiful, feisty mare and has a new opportunity to figure horse things out in her new herd. Having been supported by her aunt Fancy for the last year, Frosting is ready to make some friends and live her rebellious teenage years with her fellow youngsters (while of course running back to the support of Fancy when necesary). Frosting has made good friends with both Rae and Nova and seems to be doing really well understanding how to live in a herd. She’s showing some strong characteristics of a herd leader and it seems likely that she’ll become the boss mare as she grows up. Frosting loves a good scratch and pet, but we’re making sure she gets to live her young life learning how to be a horse and not learning how to ignore or push on people. Hopefully she’ll be an easy project to start next year and get her going as a nice riding horse! In the meantime, Frosting is happy to play and nap and eat with her friends.