There are many things that we adore about Frosting but the overarching theme is her kind heart. As her understanding of the work grows so does the partnership with her handlers. Over the last few weeks she has been getting ridden consistently at least 4 times a week. She is developing more balance in all three gaits and is one of the softest horses at SAFE currently. She has almost zero changing eyes issues which served her well when she joined ten other horses in the arena during last week’s clinic.

Since she is still young, we keep the work sessions short. During the clinic, we did ground work and then rode around the other horses working in the ground work class. This was great practice steering through the crowd and not getting bothered by the energy of the other participants or the sound of their flags around her. She had absolutely no difficulties adjusting to riding in the large arena and every day of the clinic we were able to venture a bit more into work and found little spots to move out around the others horses.

We will get a few more rides done at home and then it will be time to hop in the trailer for an outing. She is a great minded young mare, that through the horsemanship work, we have fostered a ton of search and developed try. She originally was a bit on the dull side but now takes only a small amount of ask to respond and very often takes us up on the good deal. This one is going to be a fun partner and we can’t wait to see who comes to take her home and finish our little diamond in the rough.