BLM Mustang
YOB: 2007 AGE: 14 HEIGHT: 16.0 HH WEIGHT: 1400
LOCATION: Redmond, WA ADOPTION FEE: $1500    

Nyx is a 14 year-old-bay BLM Mustang gelding who came to SAFE with a paddock friend, Freya. Sadly, their owner was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was struggling to care for them. They both had very overgrown hooves and a month before coming to SAFE a farrier cut their hooves too short. At SAFE, they are in a paddock with soft footing, and Nyx recently had a SAFE farrier add shoes to help his comfort level. Nyx is a big boy and he is much more comfortable now that his feet are feeling better. He comes into a stall at night and has been in used in our grooming classes for volunteers to learn how to groom.

Finding Peace Under Saddle for Nyx

Finding Peace Under Saddle for Nyx

As expected, we’ve discovered some trouble in Nyx as we’ve started transitioning him back into a riding horse. It appears he may have had some “liberty” type training in his past that has left him with some resentment toward humans. This is evident in working with him and the poor expressions that appear when asked to move freely. Our goals are to help him make a change and find immediate release for better expressions. Nyx also has issues changng eyes, so we are working on different ways to help him gain more comfort seeing things from both sides. Since these exercises are new to him, it is great opportunity for us to build a new foundation for riding. When riding, we are working on getting his braces to come all the way out and not allow him to tighten his neck against the rider. We are able to set him up to have him run himself into the halter so he gives to it rather than a rider pulling on him. We are also working to help him find better balance. When he can distribute more of his weight onto his hind quarters he will feel freedom in his feet and much of his resentment and any feeling of being trapped will go away and result in a peaceful and pleasant expression. 

Nyx’s Origins

Nyx’s Origins

Nyx’s freeze brand, a hallmark of all BLM horses, is not just pure ornamentation. It actually acts as a unique identifier, and grants a bit of a window into his background. It tells us that he was born in 2006, and that he came from a herd in Oregon. Further investigation tells us that he is from the Beatys Butte herd management area, a dry, desert landscape around 65 miles east of Lakeview, Oregon, rather close to the California and Nevada borders. Horses from this herd management area (HMA) are of varying size, ranging from 14–16 hands, and there are traces of everything from Spanish mustang to draft-type breeds in their gene pools, the latter of which would explain Nyx’s stature.

Nyx on His Way to Being Ridden

Nyx on His Way to Being Ridden

In preparation to be ridden, we have started groundwork with Nyx. He is proving to be everything we could have dreamed of. He’s sweet, soft on the halter, has a good amount of life, responsive, connected to us and VERY gentle. This video is our third day working with him. He was amiable to everything we presented to him and was relaxed about saddling. We will be up and riding him in the next week, continuing his weight loss and fitness. After a month under saddle he will be ready to meet potential adopters!


Meet Freya and Nyx!

Meet Freya and Nyx!

Two new friends arrived at our farm last week. Freya is a 30+ yr old Morgan type mare and Nyx is a very large BLM Mustang. Sadly their owner was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was struggling to care for them. The two horses had very overgrown hooves and about a month ago, a farrier trimmed them way too short, causing them both a great deal of pain and discomfort. We have them in a paddock with soft footing and they’ve already seen the vet for checkups and floats! They even got a spa day (bath time) and both did great. We had xrays done for Nyx on his two front feet. It looks like he has thin soles after getting trimmed a month ago. Most likely just trimmed too much off, too fast, but luckily no rotation. We are going to give him time to grow his feet out and possibly get him shoes with pads on them. For now, we have him on soft rides on his front feet 24/7 to help ease the pain. 

The two horses are very sweet over the fence, but they can be a bit pushy on the ground, so as soon as they’re feeling better, they’ll be starting with our horsemanship program to find out what they know.










Nyx’s Friends:

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2. Lisa G.

3. Jean E.

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5. Megan K.

6. Julia W.

7. Siri A.

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