As expected, we’ve discovered some trouble in Nyx as we’ve started transitioning him back into a riding horse. It appears he may have had some “liberty” type training in his past that has left him with some resentment toward humans. This is evident in working with him and the poor expressions that appear when asked to move freely. Our goals are to help him make a change and find immediate release for better expressions. Nyx also has issues changng eyes, so we are working on different ways to help him gain more comfort seeing things from both sides. Since these exercises are new to him, it is great opportunity for us to build a new foundation for riding. When riding, we are working on getting his braces to come all the way out and not allow him to tighten his neck against the rider. We are able to set him up to have him run himself into the halter so he gives to it rather than a rider pulling on him. We are also working to help him find better balance. When he can distribute more of his weight onto his hind quarters he will feel freedom in his feet and much of his resentment and any feeling of being trapped will go away and result in a peaceful and pleasant expression.