Congratulations to our big boy Nyx! Lindsay first made the journey from Oregon to meet Nyx 3 months ago. The two hit it off and the plan was made to continue Nyx’s training for a couple of months before heading to his new home. The training would end with Lindsay riding in the Joel Connor clinic in June at SAFE.
Lindsay was a rockstar and did a fabulous job during the clinic! Not only was she getting to know her new buddy, but also had the pressure of adoring fans cheering Nyx and her on throughout the clinic. The volunteers and staff loved seeing the two work and were excited to witness the start of their lives together. It’s not every day we get to see an adoption start off for five days straight. Terry, our Operations Director, said “I wish we had a way to recreate this adoption over and over again. Such a perfect way for them to get to know each other and for SAFE to support the success for both the horse and adopter.”
Nyx found his way to SAFE in July of 2021 after his previous owner was dealing with pancreatic cancer and was unable to care for him and his herd mate, Freya. We are happy to announce both horses have found new loving homes to live out the rest of their lives.