Nyx is a 15-year-old big mustang boy standing at 16.0hh and he’s ready for an intermediate rider! He came to SAFE as a rescue in Washington, but he’s originally from Beatys Butte, Oregon HMA–a herd that is known to have traces of everything from Spanish mustang to draft-type breeds in their gene pools, the latter of which would explain Nyx’s stature and large, kind eye.

No doubt about it, Nyx is a handsome guy, but his size and a fairly crooked left front leg work against him when it comes to getting his weight off his front end. SAFE’s volunteers have focused on groundwork and attention to straightness under saddle, and he’s come a long way in just a few months of our horsemanship program. Nyx has a ton of try and lots of love for his handlers, he will need an intermediate rider with experience helping big horses free up their feet and find their balance.

Nyx has been a very gentle boy for our volunteers to handle, feed, and lead in and out of turnout–and he also plays nice in turnout, especially with a young mustang named Otto, whom Nyx has adopted as his little brother. Nyx is up to date on all medical care and has had regular worming and farrier care since coming into SAFE. He’s located at our Redmond, WA barn.

Fill out an adoption application at: https://www.safehorses.org/adopt/ or email questions to adopt@safehorses.org