Remy is a 6yr old TB who was found on a property without any other horses so we are unsure how long its been since he’s had other horses as companions. He is currently in training and the two other horses in the video are personal horses of the trainers. 

Tapadero, the roan gelding, is the “peacemaker/good cop” of the herd. He allows Remy to approach him, he is not aggressive towards him and while he doesn’t stand down, he is not instigating any fighting when Remy challenges. He pretty much is saying: “hey there young fellow…that’s not how horses act. Relax and calm down.” 

The second horse that approaches is the black gelding, Levi. Levi is the herd leader. He is more vocal with Remy and will not allow Remy to approach him in a pushy or disrespectful manner. Levi also will not act or follow Remy into a fight. If Remy approaches in a healthy manner, Levi does not correct him. This video maybe hard for some people to watch. It is important to not put human emotions or personalities onto their horse behavior. This is a natural way for them to communicate and find healthy emotionally stable interactions. You can see the change in the final minutes of this video. 

Today Remy is out with the herd of more than 25 geldings. He and Levi are buddies and always stay near each other in the pasture. These are possibly the most important lessons Remy will learn in his training. Not only has it made him a better citizen in the herd, it’s also brought changes to his interactions with people and in his work under saddle. The future is bright for this young boy!