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SAFE Equine Wellness Expo & Tack Sale, July 9

Thank you to everyone who came to this event! It was a very fun and educational day! Photos from the event can be seen here:

Thank you to all our vendors and presenters! Special thanks to Blanket Express Equine Laundry for providing pizza for the volunteers and PCC-Redmond for providing snacks for our visitors!

Join us on Sunday July 9th from 12-4pm for SAFE’s 2nd annual Equine Wellness Expo. We have an exciting line up of equine professionals who will speak on a variety of topics:

-12 pm Dr. Eric Renner, from Rainland Farm Equine Clinic, will be talking about how to spot lameness in your horse and showing us the lameness locator tool and how it works.

-1 pm Courtney Dale, from Olson’s Tack, will speak to us about saddle fitting and how to insure your saddle is not h

Joel Conner Clinic — June 10-11, 2017

Photos from the clinic can be seen on our Facebook page:

Next clinic: September 2017 (dates TBD)

SAFE welcomes Joel Conner back for another horsemanship clinic, next weekend June 10-11. Auditors are welcome and encouraged to attend, for just $15 per day. (Free for SAFE volunteers!)

Joel Conner teaches using horsemanship methods passed down by such legends as Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman. In the last three years, Joel has started or re-started many SAFE horses and helped them overcome fears and other issues through clear communication and understanding. He’s also extremely committed to helping SAFE volunteers develop their skills as horse handlers and riders. Joel travels to SAFE from his home in Ellensburg four times per year to put on clinics for SAFE horses and riders. His teaching promotes safety for our volunteers, consistent handling for our horses, and is directly responsible for the increase in adoptions that we are seeing at the rescue.

Joel Conner Horsemanship Clinic, June 10-11, 2017 at SAFE in Redmond

ASPCA Help a Horse Day and the End Hunger Games

The End Hunger Games celebration of ASPCA Help a Horse Day at SAFE on April 23 was a marvelous event with nearly 400 guests in attendance!! See photos from the End Hunger Games on our Facebook page at:



WHEN: Sunday April 23, 2017 — Noon to 3pm

WHERE: Safe Harbor Stables in Redmond


COST: FREE to everyone!!!

Help a Horse Day is a nationwide competition sponsored by the ASPCA. Equine rescues and sanctuaries around the country put on events to raise awareness about the work they do year-round to care for at-risk horses. These events are judged on their creativity, effort, attendance, media coverage, and more. The winning rescue receives a $25,000 grant from the ASPCA. Five more rescues will win $10K and five will win $5K. SAFE is going all out this year to capture the prize and you can help by coming out to support us!

The theme for SAFE’s Help a Horse Day event is The End Hunger Games. Visitors will be taken step by step through the rescue process as they visit the thirteen Districts, each one devoted to a particular stage of the work that SAFE does:

District 1: Intake
special guest: Regional Animal Services of King County and Washington Animal Response Team
District 2: Triage
special guest: Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital
District 3: Farrier
special guest: Olympic Forge Farrier
District 4: Foundations
District 5: Horse Keeping
District 6: Groundwork
District 7: Riding
District 8: Nutrition
District 9: Annual Vet Care
special guest: Laura Voss Monahan, DVM
District 10: Adoptions
District 11: Alumni Program
District 12: Jobs for Horses
special guest: Snohomish Search & Rescue
District 13: Involvement

You’ll continue on through the different Districts, learning about training, farrier work, proper diet, readying a home for a horse, all the way through to adoption. And District Thirteen will show you all the ways you can get involved with SAFE! Each District will be informative as well as interactive. In the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of what SAFE does to help horses!

CONCESSIONS available from


Visitors to Help a Horse Day will park at The Overlake School, which is 3 minutes down the road from Safe Harbor Stables. A shuttle bus will provide continuous service to and from the parking lot. Accessible parking will be available on site at Safe Harbor Stables.

The Overlake School
20301 NE 108th St
Redmond WA 98053

Directions to The Overlake School

Safe Harbor Stables
10407 192nd Ave NE
Redmond WA 98053

2016 Open Houses at Safe Harbor Stables

SAFE holds a quarterly Open House in which we invite our supporters and neighbors to come for a visit! Here are the dates we’ve chosen for 2016:

2016 Dates:

Sunday, March 20, 2016
Sunday, June 26, 2016
Sunday, September 25, 2016
Sunday, December 4, 2016

Time: Noon to 3pm

Location: Safe Harbor Stables, 16509 164th NE, Woodinville WA 98072

Fall Work Party Photos

We’re giddy with all the amazing work that was accomplished on Saturday at the Volunteer Work Party. About 40 people came out to dig, saw, invent, organize, clean, scrape, wash, pull, and make Safe Harbor Stables shine for the ponies. A marvelous time was had by all, as proven by these photos. THANK YOU to everyone who made this day a success!!

(click a photo below to view a slideshow!)

Follow up to the Fall Open House and Seminar!

We had beautiful weather and lots of wonderful people come out to SAFE’s Fall Open House and Estate Planning Seminar. Many guests of all ages came out to meet the horses and learn more about the rescue, as well as to participate in a discussion about future estate planning.

We love having the chance to share SAFE and its mission with the community and introduce the horses. They were all very happy to meet and greet their fans. A few even showed off their inquisitive nature, “hamming it up” for the crowd.

After the open house came to a close, we sat down for a special talk on managing estates through the creation of wills and trusts. Andrew Norman, founding principal of Voya Financial Advisors Bellevue branch, and Scott M. Weitz, J.D., LL.M, managing partner of Weitz Law Firm of Kirkland, shared with us the fundamentals of creating a plan and how to make certain your wishes are followed in the event of your passing. They shared many stories and lessons learned from clients they have helped over the years.

One of the biggest messages from the discussion was that it is never too early to sit down and get your estate plan completed! It is essential that you take time to create a legal document that clearly outlines what you want to happen to both your intangible assets such as bank accounts as well as your tangible assets such as your pets. A quick annual review of documents helps insure that your documents remain up to date as as your life changes. One participant at the seminar spoke about what a sense of relief it was for her to go through this process and write up her will. We hope that you take the time to get the documents drawn up for peace of mind for both your family and pets. A special thanks to our guest speakers for taking the time to come to SAFE and share with all of us the important work they do for their clients.

We want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the hard working volunteers who helped organize and clean the stables for the event, as well as those who gave tours and ran the bake sale and the SAFE booth. Here are a few candid photos that volunteer Jessica Farren took for us during the open house and the Estate Planning Seminar:

SAFE’s clinic with Joel Conner and Colt starting demonstrations

It was a pleasure this past weekend to have Joel Conner visit the SAFE horses and teach our volunteers. We began each morning, with a colt starting demonstration where Joel worked with Hickory, Mesquite and Ben. Joel is an expert when it comes to working with un-started horses and it was clearly evident that his years of experience have giving him the timing and insight to know exactly what they need to have a successful start.

This method of horsemanship and starting horses has the horse’s wellbeing at the top of the priorities. It is fair and prepares the horses for each new step in the process. They may not understand fully what is happening but Joel was there to help them through each part and they were not surprised or made to feel any undue stress or pressure did not have a release. As many of us know, you don’t have to start horses in a way that takes anything away from their spirit. That’s what we love about them and when we ask them to partner with us, to become our riding companions, they can do so with out force or fear. Joel said that his work is about the horse; it is finding ways each day to do right by them and helping them have a clear and clam understanding of the work they do together. Watching him work this weekend it was clear he has a true gift and our horses are benefitting for his kindness.

Hickory has a very inquisitive and gentle disposition, which made him one of the star pupils. This great personality will inevitably make him a wonderful partner and this weekend it helped him accept the saddle and rider without stress. Joel prepared him for saddling through groundwork and gaining Hickory’s trust. We were all amazed at both Joel’s skill and Hickory’s willingness to accept being ridden. I knew that we were lucky to have Joel working with the SAFE horses but after watching him work with both Hickory and Mesquite, our two most recent intakes and gelded Arabians, I feel blessed and grateful he is on our team. Hickory did so well that we decided that he would be the first to go down for training with Joel. He loaded on Joel’s trailer Sunday afternoon and headed to get a few more weeks of training before returning to SAFE Harbor and having our volunteers begin riding him. He is going to be an amazing riding horse!

Mesquite is a bit more reserved than Hickory. He is the older of the two and had more years as a stallion and at the hands of his abusers. He is wary of new people approaching him and has an eye on what is going on around him. He is thoughtful to new things but was willing to work with Joel and see what he had to offer him. The changes Mesquite made over just the few short days were outstanding. Joel allowed him to take the time he needed to accept and move out in the saddle. By the second morning Mesquite was walk, trot and cantering without any worry. All the horses were hardly sweating under their saddles and were calm and relaxed throughout the work. Mesquite is going to make someone a very lucky adopter! He is going to take a little bit longer to open up to new people but there is a very kind boy under all that mane and we are feeling lucky to have been given the responsibility to find him a perfect forever home!

Last up for the demonstrations was Big Ben! Before going into work with him, I explained to Joel that we want the best for Ben and if riding is not in his future we are ok with that. I was again reconfirmed why Joel is such a perfect fit for these troubled horses. Ben has years of people letting him down, passing him around, starving and forgetting about him. SAFE will never let that happen again and is giving him the opportunity to understand people are not afraid of him. Past experiences have put braces in his body that don’t need to be there. Joel worked to help Ben free up his body and left go of the baggage someone else had put in there. It will take some time sorting this out for our big boy but the changes we saw though the work with Joel have us optimistic that Ben can make it though. Our plan is to send Ben down to Joel’s for an extended amount time and allow him to move through the process without being rushed or pressured. He continues to put on more weight and is more comfortable and happy everyday. SAFE is committed to this sweet boy and he has a very bright future ahead of him.