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Holly Update

It’s especially heartwarming to know that the SAFE programs help amazing horses and people find each other. We love getting updates about what they’re doing post-adoption.

Former SAFE horse Holly and her guy Wade have been hitting the trails around Auburn & Enumclaw lately. Wade (and everyone around him) reports that she’s the apple of his eye and the two of them are having a great time getting out and exploring. Don’t they look great?

Holly is once again available for adoption

Former SAFE-horse Holly was adopted last year to a family with a teenage girl. Unfortunately, due to some health problems and financial issues, they are unable to keep her. Once again, we are offering this wonderful mare for adoption. She is now 6 years old. Video clips of her under saddle available on our website. Currently located in Duvall, WA. Adoption Fee: $600. Adoption contract required. No breeding.


Holly was originally rescued by SAFE from a large King County Animal Control seizure in Carnation in February of 2008.  You can read her entire history of her time with SAFE and after her adoption in the below posts.  She was adopted by her foster mom, Merle, in late 2008 and started under saddle in 2009. Unfortunately, Merle suffered a serious concussion and traumatic brain injury following a fall from another horse in 2009. Since the injury, she cannot risk another fall and feels that Holly is just too green for her to ride safely, so she has — with much sadness — decided to let SAFE to find Holly a new home.

Holly’s been trained using Natural Horsemanship. She has been ridden on trails and is very calm, will cross water, bridges and obstacles with no hesitation. She has been worked for “technical trails” which would be something like the Competitive Trail Horse competitions.

Although Holly has worn a bit before, she is reportedly not fond of them so she’s been mostly ridden in a side pull or halter. She ground ties, side passes, turns on the forehand and turn on the haunches. During the evaluation she was ridden by “Anna” who rides her for Merle periodically but did sit over the winter with just one other ride before today since November. She did great. She demonstrated canter but for a just a few strides as the footing in the round pen was hard from frost. She loads, hauls, bathes, clips, is great for the farrier and good with other horses. She is up to date on all routine care.

Holly – Adopted!

Holly and Megan

Congratulations to Mary H. and her daughter Megan of Sammamish, WA on their adoption of Holly!  Holly was originally part of a large animal control seizure in King County in February 2008.  Only 2 at the time, she was fostered and later adopted by Merle S. of Duvall, WA.  Merle had Holly started under saddle and took her on many trail rides.  Unfortunately, Merle suffered a serious head injury after a fall from another horse and reluctantly decided it was not a good idea to be riding a young horse as she could not risk an injury, so she decided to re-list Holly as available for adoption through our SAFE-Assisted Placement Program, where she was then adopted by Megan and Mary.  Megan plans to ride Holly in 4H this year.

To read Holly’s entire history at SAFE, click here.

Holly – pending adoption!

Holly has had quite a bit of interest in her (no surprise there).  Merle’s been understandably picky about where her Holly will go, but we think we may have found a great home for her.  Pending adoption!

Photos and videos of Holly – Feb 9, 2011

Here are some recent photos and video clips of Holly.

Holly Update — Nov 7, 2010

Update from Holly’s adopter:

Yesterday Holly and I had a centered riding lesson from Karen Ireland. It was awesome! We did a group class with three of our friends. After so many years of trail riding, I had lots to work on. We did walk and trot. Holly was wonderful! There was 7 of us there today for the day. All my friends seem to have their birthdays around this time. Mine was the 4th of Nov. so I brought a cake with little horses on it. The horses got treats too. There was six brithdays covered in one! We had a wonderful day.  As always, Karen loved Holly!

Holly Update — Oct 18, 2010

Update from Holly’s adopter:

Well, we learned something this last week. I brought Holly over to Julie’s to play. Julie hadn’t been on her in a long time. Julie had gotten new sand in her arena. I rode Holly and showed Julie some of the things we were working on. Then Julie got on Holly. They were doing great.  Julie asked for the canter and Holly took her lead like a pro. A few times around, then Holly hit a deep spot in the arena and went down. She really tried to get her feet back but couldn’t. They are both ok but it scared both of them. Me too! I will be very careful about the footing from now on. No deep sand!

Holly Update — Oct 1, 2010

Update from Holly’s adopter:

I brought Holly home today from her month at the ranch. She was happy to be home.  While there Portia worked on getting her to pick up her shoulders and balance herself. The canter work and transitions were another thing they worked on. Taking advantage of a very large outdoor arena was very helpful. I will continue to work her this winter and hope to take her back over to start on cows next year. She got to see them and watch the other horses work them. For now we have our homework and trail riding to keep us busy.

Holly Update — Sept 24, 2010

Update from Holly’s adopter:

I just got back from spending a couple of days at the ranch where Holly is “going to school”.  She is doing really good with her lessons and I had an awesome ride on her yesterday.  I tried to get some pictures but wasn’t too successful. Next weekend Holly comes home.

Holly Update — Sept 4, 2010

Update from Holly’s adopter:

I took Holly over to Ellensburg with me on Thursday. I went to High Country Training. They do a lot of Reining and working cow training. I had my friend Portia ride Holly and tell me what we needed to work on. I ended up leaving Holly with them for this month to refine some of her training and let her meet the cows and buffalo. They will work on her canter and lifting her shoulders. Getting Holly balanced has been an ongoing thing but this past summer she has come into her own. The trail riding has helped her out a lot. I’ve put a good foundation on her and now it’s time to learn some of the more advanced stuff. I had Jon Esign check her out and he wanted to take her home with him about a month ago. It’s been very rewarding to see how far Holly has come. Everyone who meets her loves her.
There is just something special about Ms Holly. I have never been an Appy fan but there is just something about Holly.  It is always fun to watch other horsepeople handle Holly. Like Jon Ensign. He has worked with a lot of horses and when I handed Holly’s lead to him, I told him a little of what I had done with her. When he worked her and kept asking things of her, I could see her confidence growing. Like saying… I know all that stuff. He handed her back to me and told me, it was one of the first times that the horse really did know all the things the owner said. He wanted her and gave Holly lots of praise. It was a fun moment since we have done all the training on Holly.
Now she gets to learn some new stuff. I am looking forward to getting my first report.