It’s still not to late to sign up for our Saddle Fitting Clinic this weekend. Conducted by Dawn Anderson of Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting, this clinic is not something you want to miss. Check out what these people had to say after the last clinic:

I never knew that there was so much involved in saddle fitting. On the one hand, it made me want to rush home and beg my horse’s forgiveness for every ache and pain he’s had to endure, but at the same time, I am SO excited to realize what an enormous difference a properly fitted saddle can make — not only to my horse’s comfort and soundness, but to my own stability and confidence as a rider.”

I would recommend this clinic to anyone who sets a saddle onto a horse’s back. Dawn Anderson is truly an advocate for the horse who makes it very clear that there is no one brand of saddle that can accommodate the needs of every horse. That is why she is not a saddle rep — she is a saddle fitter. The level of training she received from the [Society of Master Saddlers in England] ought to be required of anyone selling or reflocking saddles in this country.”

Just wanted to let you know how impressed [we] were with Dawn’s seminar. She and her sidekick were always riveting, funny, and informative.”

This was a great clinic. Thanks for putting it on. Really helpful.”

Dawn Anderson has trained extensively with the Society of Master Saddlers in England, and she shares a wealth of knowledge — about saddles, about horses’ backs, about soundness — that will astound you. You’ll see hands on demonstrations and a very enjoyable presentation. 

The Saddle Fitting Clinic takes place this Sunday, Nov 20 from 10am-3pm at the stables of Horsepitality Too! in Auburn. Tickets are just $25 if purchased in advance, $30 at the door. For question or more information, please email Jet Parrett at

Purchase tickets for the Nov Saddle Fitting Clinic!

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