It takes a village to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome a horse and we all celebrate and share the success when one of the SAFE horses finds their forever home. We are excited to announce that our handsome boy Kai has found a loving home with Barbara F. He has just completed his trial period and while the relationship is still new they are all ready building a strong bond.

Kai is a beautiful boy with as much personality as he has charm. It was important to find him a partner that could match his energy and help him feel confidence and success as a riding partner. We knew right away this might be a good fit for Kai. Barbara had experience with an energetic thoroughbred, acreage and space to provide him with a perfect home with lots of room to play and a network of knowledgeable equine friends and family to support her. If that wasn’t enough to get us excited, Barbara heard about us from her wonderful neighbor named Michel who adopted Strider and her daughter Corrine adopted Skye last year. That’s right…3 of our favorite SAFE horses on the same block!

Barbara came to Vancouver to meet Kai while he was in training with Joel Conner. It was remarkable to see what a transformation Joel had accomplished with Kai in just the 6 weeks of training. Kai could be distracted by things outside the arena and lose his focus on the rider. Joel’s work with Kai helped to give him the tools to come back to the rider and engage with what was being asked rather than to be lost and bolt or buck away. With these pieces now in place, Barbara had a good starting point to begin her relationship with Kai. She left Kai at Joel’s for another 2 weeks of training while she readied her property and then moved him home. He is getting to know his new buddies, Strider and Skye, and finding out what it means to be truly loved and cared for by a person of his own.

We couldn’t be happier to have Kai safe and happy with a family that loves him. He has a big heart and it makes our work complete knowing that he is HOME and getting the affection, love and partnership he deserves for the rest of his life! We wish Kai and Barbara lots of success and love.