Recently we had someone donate a massage to Daisy and this is what she had to say:

At first, Daisy felt like she was tolerating me for a bit, but then something shifted and she relaxed into it. Par for course being I was totally new to her and she was eating lunch etc. After releasing her, I hung around so I could observe any movement while charting. She wandered off, seemed to think about it/digest experience and then wandered back inserting herself directly in front of me for some more. I complied. Then as I turned for the gate she blocked it and put her rear directly in my path.  I complied once again. Sweet and very smart girl. She catches on quickly. There is nothing like the feeling of making a connection of free will. I let her know how much I appreciated it by showering her with praise.

My goal for session with Daisy was just to listen and observe her body and story it was telling and see if we could enter into a trusting relationship where she let me assist in her body’s needs utilizing a traditional Swedish approach to massage. The tone of the first session is always building trust and a safe place for them to release. Since I’m still enrolled at NWSAM and this was under my case study requirement, I adhered to their traditional Swedish approach, but when finished I hope to fully incorporate the knowledge from my 30 yrs of Hawaiian Healing Arts past into my equine work. Always learning.

The premise of Lomilomi is taking something congested, stagnant etc and breaking it up into small pieces and remove toxicity from the body from a holistic standpoint. Lomi also has components that extend beyond physical and are addressed as energy, mental/emotional & spiritual. Perhaps closer to Eastern philosophy than Western structure & function. However, structure and function play an important role and a common language so that information gained can be shared, so it is important to be able to address both.”