Being a horse at SAFE means many things: you get fed three times a day (if not more), you always have fresh clean water, you get daily vitamins and minerals, you make new friends on two legs and four, and you learn a whole lot of things. We do our best to prepare our horses to be the most well-rounded equine citizens possible, which involves things like holding their feet up for the farrier and loading on to a trailer in preparation for the day someone comes to take them home. It also involves things like being sprayed with the hose, for those inevitable bath times. Some horses are more keen on water, others not so much.

Moshi had her first hose experience here at SAFE recently, and did great! She had a few moments of insecurity as the air bubbles popped through the hose (always so annoying when that happens!), but quickly settled back down into standing calmly for a cooling shower. Check it out below!