We have some sad news to share with you. We lost our dear friend Wind unexpectedly last week. She was found deceased in her pasture at her foster home. We can’t know what happened, but we do know a few things. First off, there does not appear to have been a struggle. There was no sign of thrashing or any injuries. It looks like she passed peacefully. We also know that she appeared happy and healthy right up to her last morning, so her passing was likely quick and we don’t think she suffered for any length of time.

The thing that gives us the most comfort is knowing that for the last 8 plus months of her life, Wind was well cared for and loved by many. SAFE took her in as a hospice case after she was rescued from a terrible situation by animal control. Before meeting her, our plan was to give her a few good months to know love and good food, then let her go peacefully on some sunny afternoon before the pain from her joint disease became too much to bear. But once we met her and saw how well she moved around, we knew that she wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet. We got her back up to weight, introduced her to some new friends, and basically did the best we could to make sure she lived a happy life of leisure. The intention was to keep a close eye on her degenerative condition and help her cross over that bridge when the time was right. But Wind spared us having to make that decision, which is a kindness we’re grateful for.

Wind chose a gorgeous, early summer day to leave us. She was surrounded by horse and donkey friends in a huge pasture full of lush green grass. And she knew love.

Years of neglect can take their toll on a horse’s body. Starvation and high parasite loads (both of which Wind suffered from) can do irreversible damage to heart muscle. We don’t know if that was the reason for her passing, but it seems as likely a possibility as any. And if her heart did just give out, that is a very quick and peaceful way to go.

Thank you, Wind, for letting us get to know your sweet personality and allowing us to be “your people” for the last chapter in your life. We will love you always ❤️