It has now been a few weeks since Pogo’s castration. Before the procedure, the testosterone in his system gave him a very large personality in a tiny package. Sassy would have been a huge understatement, and he seemed to be in a constant state of angst. Thanks to his small size he was still relatively easy to handle, but his go-to reaction to people was to lash out and bite.

Fast forward to today, and Pogo is well on his way to becoming a new horse. Every day he becomes a little more pleasant to be around. We have started doing some groundwork with him, and we are diligently working on resolving the biting issue. He has been placed on Regumate, a synthetic hormone medication, to help improve his behavior during this transition period while the testosterone gets worked out of his system. Now that his sweeter side is starting to peek through, he’s really growing on us. He loves being brushed, and will stand still for hours to have his mane braided (once he’s had the chance to burn some energy off). Pogo still has a few weeks before we can expect him to act more like a gelding after coming off the Regumate. But each interaction with him gets a little more enjoyable–for the staff and Pogo both!