Oh Lacey…you sure are a conundrum! We love you just the way you are…but it would be a lot easier to find a home if you weren’t so hot and cold. The riding itself was never the biggest issue. I think even the random freakout bucking under saddle could be figured out… but having to test every single new person who comes along just might be an overreaction. Seriously sister, humans don’t eat hay…so when a volunteer needs you to move out of your shelter to clean around the hay bag, they are NOT trying to take your food from you! Clearly you think you need to protect your meals. I have yet to see any of our volunteers chomping down on any other horse’s hay…but I suppose you have your reasons. For now, we’re making sure that only staff or experienced volunteers enter your area and since then we haven’t had any other issues. 

As for riding, we will get there if we just keep chipping away. Lots of groundwork to help you feel like you can always move your feet. We know that you are still concerned about your back-cinch area and hind quarters being roped but you’re still making progress and relaxing more quickly. We REALLY want to get to a place where we can trust you 100%…but you may always be a mare that demands a thoughtful rider. You have made it clear: if people are fair, you are cool; but if they’re a little too intense or ask without a quick release, you feel wronged! In these situations, you feel it is well within your rights to throw a little redhead attitude their way.

Bottom line Lacey, you are one boss mare! You are loving and devoted to those you consider friends and we are honored when you bestow that privilege on us. Everyone else, well for now, just stay clear! We are still hoping with time and more experience, you decide strangers are not all trying to steal your hay! You deserve a person of your own, someone you can train…someone you can trust. That person is out there, Lacey, don’t lose hope!!!