A few weeks ago, Valor had a stumble coming out of a horse trailer, scraping up both hind legs and lacerating his left front fetlock. The wounds on his hind legs were not the type that could be sutured but would require bandaging, but the fetlock laceration needed veterinary attention. It was a relatively small wound, but it was a flap that would heal best with sutures. Dr. Renner from Rainland came to the farm to treat him. His wounds were clipped and cleaned, then bandages applied to the hind legs and the front limb was sutured.

Following the laceration repair, Valor was prescribed antibiotics and three weeks of stall rest to allow the wounds to fully heal. His sutures were pulled and bandages changed last week. The fetlock wound looks perfect and the hind limb wounds are granulating in the way they should be. This boy’s sweet and calm nature shined through from the time he was injured to his final day of stall rest. He enjoyed being entertained by stall toys, but he never once put up a fuss and was a perfect gentleman even after being cooped up for three weeks!