Chip has spent the past four months in foster care with three other geldings where he has learned a great deal about getting along with other horses, now that he is no longer a breeding stallion. It hasn’t always been easy for him, but he worked hard and eventually won the respect and friendship of his herd mates. Through it all, he was a good boy for his foster mom: easy to handle, friendly, outgoing, and well-behaved. He showed a lot of bravery in tackling new experiences, like living outdoors and interacting with other horses, and he made us very proud!

Last week, Chip moved on to the next phase in his new life. He’s ready to start getting more handling and human interaction now that he’s had time to adjust to being gelded and to unwind a bit and just be a horse. A long-time SAFE supporter named Heather contacted us with an offer to foster a horse on her new property near Bridle Trails, and it was decided that Chip would be a good fit for her. Chip was loaded into the trailer — hopped right in, in fact! — and headed to the Eastside to his new home.

Heather reports that Chip is doing great in his new surroundings, where he is the companion to her mare, Sis. “Chip is doing so great,” Heather tells us. “He has really settled in and sure loves my Sis. He stood so nicely for the farrier yesterday and gets more relaxed each day. We had a BBQ and pool party for all the boarders from Graystone today. He loved getting scratches and was quite happy to have the attention. I have attached a couple photos of him with some of the girls who came over. He really seems to love people and when he hears people in the barn, he comes in from the pasture to see who has come to visit.”

We’re very grateful to Heather and her family for giving Chip this opportunity, and look forward to hearing more about how he is doing!!!