Shay and Marta

Shay and Marta

Recently, Jessica, a volunteer and foster committee member, spent the morning with Marta, Shay and their foster mom Eileen Carol.  Eileen also volunteers as SAFE’s Foster Coordinator.  I asked Jessica to tell me a little bit about her recent visit. Here are the kind words she had to say about the girls:

My visit with Marta and Shay was great.  What beautiful mares!  They are such great companions and they’ve really bonded with one another.  When I briefly walked away with Shay, she kept looking back to see where Marta was standing.  It’s obvious that they really love being close to one another. 

Considering the way they gallop in the field and come running for breakfast, it really is amazing that they are both in their twenties.  I could also see how much they love being groomed; their coats are beautiful and glossy. 

The horses weren’t at all bothered by Eileen’s dog, who was running and playing around.  They remained calm.

Marta and Shay just look so healthy and happy!”

Jessica has been taking wonderful photos of our horses at SAFE Harbor.  We are grateful that she is willing to visit foster homes and share her beautiful photos with us.  We look forward to more of her photos in the next few weeks, but here are some recent candid shots of Marta and Shay.