As we’ve gotten to know Einstein better, we’ve come to understand that he’s a pretty amazing horse. When he first arrived at Safe Harbor, after three weeks in Animal Control custody, he was pretty unsure about just about everything, so he spent his first few days acting rather withdrawn, silently observing the bustle of activity around him. But it really didn’t take very long for him to relax and start coming out of his shell. Pretty soon, he started to look like a different horse…not only because he’s been groomed within an inch of his life, as is the standard with all the horses at Safe Harbor, but because the look on his face has softened — and brightened — as he’s begun to open up to his new friends. He looks happy now, and that is a sight to see!

Terry and her training crew figured out pretty quickly that Einstein was well started under saddle, and so he’s being ridden at Safe Harbor on a regular basis. The rides are kept short and non-taxing because he’s still not 100% back to full weight but he seems to be enjoying himself as much as our riders are enjoying him. Here are some videos that show the progress he’s made. In a perfect world, these would be edited together into some semblance of order, but we don’t seem to have the time to do that, so you’ll just have to settle for having them all posted in one place. Enjoy!

First ride

Third ride

First free ride, looking nice and relaxed!

Working at the mounting block, a skill that even well trained horses often need to work on!