lola_01_17_2015Lola has had a difficult month. She was becoming sour to work at the trot and canter about 4 weeks ago and we starting to question the saddle fit, other things that might be causing her discomfort and possible behavioral issues. She had been going so well this change in work ethic was very frustrating and confusing. A week ago she showed signs of pain in her front right hoof. We had the vet test her hoof and she was clearly in pain along the middle bars. We are going to work with our farrier to help fix the problem. Right now we are going to keep her in boots until her feet grow out a little. We hope to adjust the trim and keep her barefoot. If she is still sore we will consider putting shoes on her.

Lola did help us a great deal by riding along with Dottie in the trailer on the day we moved Dottie to her new foster home in Arlington. The two mares were delighted to see each other, and Dottie hopped right into the trailer when asked. Lola is our go-to-gal in situations like this…she really has a calming effect on other horses. The photo above is Lola wrapped and ready to go for a ride!