There’s just no easy way to say this…we had to say goodbye to sweet Callista this evening. 💔

When we first met Callista, we were immediately concerned about the severe muscle atrophy in her right hip. An ultrasound didn’t reveal a fracture, but the amount of arthritis was an indication that some kind of trauma had taken place. We decided at intake to give her 30 days and monitor her comfort level, and shower her with love and care. That was almost two months ago…and every day since then, Callista has won our hearts with her bright eyes and that sweet, sweet nicker…

But today, Callista went down in her paddock and could not get back up. Our vet was called, and after about 90 minutes, she was able to stand up again, but her right hind stifle was swollen and very lame. She was given a dose of bute, but it didn’t improve her ability to bear weight on that leg very much. And a difficult, painful decision had to be made.

Callista came to us as a hospice case, and we knew we’d probably have to say goodbye to her before too long. The neglect she suffered in her past was so severe…we knew we’d be faced with a tough choice at some point. Tonight, the choice was simple: release her from her pain and discomfort, or take the risk that she would end up going down again, perhaps in the middle of the night, and not be able to get back up. We couldn’t accept that risk, and so we chose to let her go. Callista enjoyed carrots and apples and cookies, and then she passed peacefully, quickly, and quietly.

It’s hard to accept that we’re not going to see her sweet face again, that lovely crescent moon star, or hear her happy nicker. But we fulfilled our promise to Callista: we took her out of a bad situation and gave her two months of good food and great friends. There was something so special about this mare, and we all loved her simply and honestly. She brought out the best in us, and we’re very lucky to have known her. Still, it hurts to say goodbye. Rest in peace, sweetheart. We won’t forget you.