April used to occupy the first stall & paddock in the main barn at SAFE Harbor, but recently, after some re-shuffling to accomodate a new intake, she took up residency in the covered paddock next to the Indoor Arena where we originally kept Strider. It’s a good size area for a single horse, but because it doesn’t share a fenceline with any of the other paddocks, some of the horses don’t really like it there.  Volunteers report that she is acting more friendly towards them now that she’s been moved, and she seems to prefer the company of people over that of other horses.

April has the cutest ears! They’re quite round. Turns out she likes having them stroked and petted too! Somewhat unusual for a horse, most are quite insistent that you keep your hands off their ears. But not April, you can pet her ears until your arms get tired! It’s quite sweet.