In lieu of in-person site visits, we’ve been conducting virtual follow ups with adopted SAFE horses. A SAFE volunteer spoke by phone with Pat, who adopted Bowie. Pat had this to say about her handsome horse:

He is so very happy. If you remember, this is the horse that was lame when we took him home. I firmly said I was not bringing home a lame horse and then fell in love and brought him home anyway. Injections of high powered antibiotics and anti inflammatories did the work that glue on shoes did not solve and he has never taken a lame step since.  His mane became dried out and brittle from too much Cowboy Magic after about six months. It is growing back and is healthy and he very proudly flips it, showing off. What a mannerly gentleman he is. Wendy Mollat of Pilchuck is a very good family friend and sees him at least once a month. I truly am blessed to have the privilege of having Bowie. He keeps us entertained and me exercised. Thank You All!”