Jessica paid a visit to Finn and Banjo at their foster home. Here’s what she had to say about it:

As anyone at SAFE knows I jump at the chance to spend time with Finn, so I was very happy to finally get the opportunity to pay him a visit. Yes, while there I had to get my quota of Finn cuddles and kisses.
Finn and Banjo looked amazing. They are both incredibly sweet and quite handsome too! Carrie had them beautifully groomed.

Finn in still really cuddly and soft. I think he is a teddy bear and not a horse! Banjo is quiet and a bit more reserved but still affectionate.

Carrie had both of them trot and canter a bit. Banjo is very floaty when he moves! Finn was really more interested in trying to find grass from under the fence but still looked nice when he got moving. Carrie is doing an amazing job with both boys and all her love and care really shows. They both looked really happy. 

Here’s Finn:

And here is Banjo: