It’s been a while since we’ve updated everyone on Khianna. If you recall, Khianna “flunked out” of training after our trainer advised us that she would need extensive one-on-one work after she displayed a tendency to bolt under saddle. She went to a foster home for a period of time with the hopes of being adopted as a pasture pet, but she proved too unpredictable for that situation, so she ended up going back to her old foster home in Enumclaw to live in a pasture situation with other horses.

Jet had the chance to visit with Khianna last week and reports that she is looking absolutely gorgeous and happy in her foster home. Khianna developed a strange lump on her lip, so Dr DeWard came out to have a look at it, and determined that it was an abscess which probably developed around a small puncture wound. The abscess was lanced and drained to remove the pus. The wound bled for quite a while as the vet and his helpers took turns applying pressure to the site. With daily rinsing, it should be cleaned out completely and healed in a matter of days.

Here are some photos that Jet took during her visit. Doesn’t Khianna look pretty?