Volunteer and Best Buddy to Sunny and Shasta, Debbie M, wrote the following about her time spent with SAFE’s ambassador littles recently:

Some of us are still adjusting to the time change of earlier this month when we “fell back” an hour to welcome earlier sunrises and sunsets as part of our cooler and shorter Fall days. To help us adjust, we often reflect back on the fun times we had during our warmer and longer Summer days; and it is suspected the SAFE horses may do the same. 

Undoubtedly, some of the most fun the SAFE horses have on a beautiful, sunny day is a trail ride or walk in Farrel McWhirter Park; and the SAFE mini horse ambassadors, Shasta and Sunny, are no exceptions.  Shasta and Sunny are often invited to join their bigger counterparts and bring up the rear of the parade of SAFE horses meandering through the Park. Afterall and arguably, Shasta and Sunny have two of the cutest and fluffiest “rears” at SAFE! 

This past Summer, however, Shasta and Sunny, enjoyed regular walks in the Park with their “Auntie” Joan Y and Best Buddy, Debbie M. While these walks always offer exercise and enrichment for the minis, not sure who enjoys them more … Shasta and Sunny or their human guides. Most of us have experienced the satisfaction of a good workout, and it is apparent from the gusto Shasta exhibits when tackling a jump over a trail log or the curiosity Sunny exhibits, often wanting to trot along the way, that they have, too! However, the smiles to the faces and hearts of those humans witnessing the antics and enjoyment of these littles while accompanying them on a walk in the park is perhaps the most satisfying of all.