One of our long time volunteers, Monique, who walks Cameron once a week, wrote this about him and it melted our hearts.

Our sweet boy Cameron can see us a mile away, Is that a bucket?! Oh, time for my walk! He’s always eager against the gate, messy face nose dive in halter. Um, let’s check out the new kids, look Cameron a new cute mare! Swoop! Head dive for road hay-pull up, our dance as we walk in companionable silence with the occasional tripping his or mine. We get into a rhythm Cameron and I, looping around the long road to spooky back barn lane, “I’m not spooky!” he says, even with the barn cats darting pass. Eventually we’ll end up at Lacey Lane for a quick grass munch, sorry Lacey. 

OOWWEEE, that grass taste good as Cameron’s pace slows down, limbs warmer, back stretched for another lazy eight loop. Clip clop, what a beautiful boy he is, content and always alert, his youthful magnificence shining through. Back in his paddock, a little neck rub, he must think he won the lottery coming here to SAFE, hope he knows I feel the same.”