Addie arrived at SAFE back in November of 2022, as part of the Graham 27 seizure. She was the youngest of the Graham group, with a dental putting her at around 5 years old. And while her exact breed makeup is unknown, Addie proves you can be every bit as cute even without a known pedigree.


Before coming to SAFE, Addie had a somewhat tumultuous start: she was born at another rescue, where she was put into training, and then sold. Addie changed ownership several times after this initial sale before her seizure by Animal Control in November. During her time at SAFE, she has received a re-start under saddle, and has been at off-site training for the last 30 days for even further education and refinement. She is coming along great, and is ready to start meeting adopters.

Her time at training has included plenty of arena work and rides outside to help prepare her for a variety of environments. She is a handy mare, and now has experience being roped and flagged off of – the first steps towards being a working ranch girl!

Because of her youth and her inconsistent past, she will need a consistent home going forward, and one that is willing to commit to her for the long haul. A home that is able to work with Addie multiple times a week and not allow her to vacation for extended periods will be a necessity for her continued success. She will need continued groundwork, arena work, and work out on the trails to maintain the great restart that SAFE has given her. But for the right home, one that is able to commit to Addie, they will find a horse with a ton of try and heart.


Addie is good to handle on the ground, and stands well for the vet and farrier. However, she can be protective around food, so will do best with a confident human who can be a clear leader for her. In a herd, she tends towards being on the bossier side of things, but has done well with others during her time at SAFE.

Addie is a sweet little mare, and will be a wonderful project for the right person looking for a long-term equine companion.