Stanalee came to meet the SAFE horses in hopes to find a companion for her mare Haley. While she thought they were all lovely, she saw Khianna and it was love at first sight. Stanalee told us she could see many of them joining her family but Khianna needed her the most. Being part of the SAFE program for 5 years, we are all ecstatic that we can finally say Khianna has found her forever home!

Being a sensitive mare, Khinana needed a gentle leader who could give her the confidence, comfort, and peace she requires to feel secure. Stanalee knows that rescue horses need a special love and dedication. Haley too is a rescue horse. They both have a wonderful owner that is giving them the family they deserve.

Khianna and Haley hit it off as friends right away. They are now joined at the hip and are very good friends. Khianna is quite a bit herd bound to Haley but she is gaining trust in her new owner. They are going to start working together on groundwork to help strengthen their bond and communication. Stanalee has a lovely large horse property where the girls live.

Here are some sweet photos from the day we dropped Khianna off and she got to meet Haley: