Cory, Melissa and Mesquite

Cory, Melissa and Mesquite

We are so pleased to announce that Mesquite has been adopted! This handsome and talented boy has truly made an amazing transformation. Less than eight months since arriving at SAFE as an unstarted stallion, Mesquite is now a well-adjusted good citizen with loads of potential, heading off to a new home and a new life.

Adopting horses to great people who understand the “spirit” of SAFE’s program is one of the best parts of our job. Cory and his wife Melissa had room in their hearts to add Mesquite as a member of their family and we are thrilled to know he will always be cared for and loved. It has been really fun getting to know Cory and learning how passionate and responsible he is about horses. During his 30-day trial with Mesquite, he sent us photos and updates on how they were doing. It was wonderful to see the connection between them growing and knowing that this was going to be a successful match.

We have to give a huge THANK YOU to Joel Conner for his help in both preparing Mesquite for his new life and in assisting us in this adoption. Taking a young horse and getting it started takes good horsemanship skills but taking an older, recently gelded horse and training him to be a safe riding horse is truly amazing. Training older horses is not the easiest part of our work but it’s by far one of the most important. Teaching the horses that pass through our program to be well mannered and safe is what gives them the best chance “for a permanent home and a lifetime of safety”.

Cory sent us this letter about his experience with finding Mesquite and adopting from SAFE:

I had been looking for a while. About 2 years, actually. Scouring the web in every place I could think of, looking for the right one. I became ever more frustrated as the search produced dead lead one after another. Placing multiple calls and arranging visits only to find out days later “Oh by the way he foundered last fall and has slight issues.” Or “Yeah, she is our baby, standard QH mare, well broke does everything, although no-one has spent any time with her since last fall, and we are only asking $4,500!”

And then one late night as I was just simply browsing without purpose, I ran across Mesquite. I thought “Wow! I would really like the opportunity to be able to own a horse like that! Imagine what he could become.” Now realize we are talking about a major project here. 11-year-old Arabian, recently gelded, not broke, poorly cared for and starved. 

As soon as I contacted SAFE about the possible adoption, I knew this was an incredible opportunity. Right away I knew this was an honest, straightforward connection. The horse had been gelded, checked by the vet and farrier, and was up to date on vaccinations. As SAFE was very interested in finding a solid long-term home for this horse, I knew they were being open and honest about any problems or issues that existed. I was given a ton of information about his habits, disposition, and soundness. I knew exactly what I was getting.

I was still looking at the fact that this was going to be a huge project. Or was it? As it turns out SAFE had sent the horse to a trainer for 90 days to get started under saddle! I know, just when you thought this opportunity couldn’t be better, right? I cannot express enough my absolute amazement, even still today, how in such a short time with a horse like this the trainer was able to instill such foundation and softness. I’m telling you, when Joel Connor works with your horse, you find he has truly been touched by a magnificent master of horsemanship!

In conclusion, my experience with Terry Phelps from SAFE and Joel Conner the trainer has been beyond my wildest dreams. The entire process of the adoption, from start to finish, was very streamline and comfortable. Both Terry and Joel went out of their way to accommodate both Mesquite and I, and make our dreams come true! If you wish to save a horse, and find yourself that special Equine companion you desire, contact SAFE first!  

Thank you so very much, Terry and Joel!

Cory K

We look forward to more updates from Cory and Mesquite and seeing their bond flourish.