Oscar and Vickie

It is with great happiness that we announce the adoption of SAFE horse Oscar! He has spent the last month getting used to his new life and proving to be the best boy ever! Oscar joins his new owner Vickie C and her family on their lovely farm in Redmond. He has fit in nicely as the big brother to Vickie’s younger horse named Hank.

The two boys are doing well together and have figured out how to live together in peace and harmony. Vickie reports that Oscar is “a really good boy. Very sweet!” The two geldings have gotten used to the routine and have started playing more together. Oscar even does well when Vickie takes Hank to the neighbor’s riding arena. He calls just a few times when they leave but is content while they are gone. This was an important part to making sure this would be a good home for Oscar. Not a lot of horses can deal with their pasture mate’s absence so the fact that Oscar is handling this is great news!

Here are some photos Jessica Farren took while visiting Oscar this past weekend and a few from the day he was picked up: