A truly wonderful thing has happened: Dottie’s foster family has decided that they can’t live without her and made her part of their family permanently! She is comfortable and very happy with her home and all the animals living with her. She has constant companionship at the farm, a calm and peaceful environment where she has been able to truly relax.

There are many things that make this a perfect home for Dottie but most importantly is the love and care she receives from Ivona, Heath and their family on a daily basis. Dottie has been thriving in their foster home since last year and the peaceful atmosphere has kept her healthy and happy. There have even been reports that she has started laying down to sleep, something she never quite felt comfortable to do before.

We are thrilled for this long time SAFE horse to have found a permanent home and a family to call her own. We look forward to alumni reports and lots of happiness for Dottie and her family!