We knew he was a special boy right from the beginning but we never imagined that this “diamond in the rough” would become such a fantastic riding mount. Orion met Roxanne in his final weeks of training with Nick Donohue at Silver Spade Ranch. He had just completed a little over 60 days of training. Orion was just as Nick had described: athletic, gentle, and uncomplicated to ride. Roxanne had started her search for a riding partner but was open to finding the right match. She had been riding for a long time and had lots of experience with young, green horses. During their first ride, she looked over with a big smile and we knew it was the match she was waiting to find.

They have been getting to know each other for almost two months and things are going perfectly. He settled right into the property where Roxanne lives. Recently Orion went to a dressage clinic where he was a star! Roxanne said: “He was excellent…schooling walk-canter departs and the very beginnings of the (canter) pirouette. Lots of super nice and light work…Everyone thought he was some high dollar fancy warmblood and were blown away to hear he was only 4–5 months under saddle, a stallion that hadn’t been handled at the beginning of the year and came from a “rescue” organization. I was able to be like, yes! These guys (SAFE) do it right! I was so impressed with him.”

They make a beautiful pair and wish them happiness and love for many years to come. Here are a few photos of Orion in his new home: