Lola got the opportunity to go out on not one but TWO trails rides this weekend! First she hit the trails at the Redmond Watershed with Brittney:

Then she headed out to the watershed again on Saturday, but this time with Brittney’s husband Darby in the saddle. Darby is a volunteer rider for SAFE and is most often seen riding Sinatra in lessons with Brittney. This was Darby’s first ride on Lola.

Lola and Darby after the ride

Lola and Darby after the ride

Lola predictably tested him at the mounting block, but once they got underway, she was a pretty solid trail horse. After about 1.5 hours in, Lola’s “young mare timer went off” (as Darby put it) and she lost a bit of focus, but all she really did was take some unauthorized trail snacks. Darby just had to make her work a little with some haunches-in, leg-yields, shoulder-ins until she focused again. She did a little spooking in place when a bunny ran across the trail, but all honest, in control, and reasonable reactions. Very good for their 1st ride together and for her not going out much on the trails. 

Darby says “Lola was very well behaved and listened to my seat and leg, she is sensitive in a good way. She reacted to surprises on the trail in a safe manner. I didn’t feel unsafe on her at anytime and she seemed to enjoy the trail ride. I would recommend her to someone that can ride young peppy mares.”