Ajax has found the perfect home! Nancy and Gary came to SAFE looking for a companion horse for their mare, Cheyenne. Her buddy had just passed away and left her very depressed. Nancy and Gary were quickly smitten with Ajax.

Ajax came to us in April in rough shape with a body score of 3 and an old eye injury. He had been passed around home to home with no one caring except a family friend who was trying their hardest to do right by this senior gelding. She was the one who reached out to SAFE when he had nowhere else to go. Upon arrival, we went right to work getting him back up to his ideal weight and having the vet check out his eye, which luckily didn’t seem to cause him pain. Ajax quickly became a favorite with his sweet nature and we discovered he easily got attached to his horse neighbors and would get upset when they were gone during their training.

When Nancy and Gary met Ajax for the first time, they were impressed with how relaxed and easy going he was. They loved him right there on the spot! Now they just had to wait until their mare, Cheyenne, had her eye checked out at the veterinary. There was a possibility she might need to have it removed and they wanted to wait for her to heal if needed. Fast forward about a week, and Cheyenne did need to have her eye removed. When they brought her home, she was very stressed. Gary called us, hoping to come pick up Ajax that day! We rushed to get everything ready, happy to help out a mare who had experienced so many stressful changes in her life and the chance to give Ajax a caring family who would love him forever and provide a wonderful life.

After only being at SAFE for one month, Ajax headed off to his new home in Maple Valley. His adopters were kind enough to send a photo of AJ at his new home when he arrived. He and Cheyenne bonded immediately upon meeting each other, and all is peaceful and happy at their farm. It was truly a case of love sat first sight for these two one-eyed horses. We’ll miss this sweet old fella but we’re so happy that our one-eyed gelding has found himself a one-eyed mare to hang out with!