We recently had the vet out to take a look at Ajax. His blood was checked for possible Cushings and luckily it came back negative. He also had a dental and at this point it is still inconclusive whether his eye is causing him pain or discomfort. Our vet took photos and will be discussing options. There is concern, because of his age, that eye removal may be difficult for him to handle.

Ajax is a social guy and gets attached to every horse in the paddock next to him. When they leave for training or come in to the barn at night, he gets upset. Recently, we brought in a new horse, Domino, a 25 year old Quarter Horse Paint. He was on quarantine on the property all by himself, so we brought Ajax over to help him settle in. Now the two get to enjoy grass turnout everyday with each other and are best buds.

Ajax and Domino stretch their legs

Best buds!