Alumni volunteer Candi K. recently went out to visit alumni Gabby and Cara and provided this lovely update:

Imagine yourself on 20 acres surrounded by the beauty of the Northwest and views as far the eye can see with a picture-perfect red barn and matching farmhouse tucked at the end of the long drive. You will be envisioning the “Forever Home” of Cara and Gabby and their herd mates Tess and Hazel.

This slice of paradise is what Trisha has created over the years and lovingly calls home. The barn could not be any more perfect with its soaring vaulted ceilings, impeccable concrete slab floor and sizeable open and airy stalls. Four happy faces greeted us as we entered the pristine barn.

I was here to see Trisha today and visit our alumni horse Cara and alumni mule Gabby. Not only are they alumni they are what we lovingly call “Foster Fails.”  Both of these lovely gals had traumatic past lives and through their time with Trisha they have blossomed on their own, weaved their way into her big heart and become permanent members of the family.

Cara is a completely different horse than the fearful mare I had once met at intake. She happily greeted me at the front of her stall. Her inquisitive eyes sparkle, her coat glows and her copper mane and tail are thick and lush. She was quite happy to give me a tour of her home as we opened her spacious, softly bedded stall. We walked out to her partially covered, long turnout and Trisha opened the gate to the pasture. Cara did not rush out. She patiently waited for Trisha and then stayed close by both of us we took a look at their pasture and track system.  She was very inquisitive and wanted to be touched. It was such a surreal experience.

Cara also has learned to play with the elusive tarp that in so many horses strikes a cord of fear. It stays outside of her paddock but she is known to drag it in under the fence and play with it. Trisha also mentioned that she is working on trailer loading and arena work at the walk and trot. One other note is that Cara is the game player and instigator of the herd. Playtime is her favorite.

Gabby is also making progress although at her own pace. She most likely had a past that lead to the mistrust of people and therefore she can be a little guarded. She is curious yet she is usually the follower and prefers to be at an arms distance. Trisha trims Gabby’s feet herself and is continuing to make great progress with it.

Currently Gabby is missing a bit of hair on her face due to pesky bug bites. She is not a fan of treatments to wash her face with the necessary medicine. If she only realized that we humans relish this type of treatment and she doesn’t even have to travel to a fancy spa. She gets pampered right at home.

Gabby is also the “Lookout” for the farm. If she thinks something is amiss, she lets Cara the “Security System” know and it’s all decks on hand until the situation is under control.

We could not have asked for a better forever home for both Cara and Gabby. Each of them is flourishing and living their best life. While they arrived burdened with baggage from the consequences of their former lives, slowly but surely that luggage is being left behind. They are living peaceful lives in an idyllic setting while being loved and cared for by their ever-doting mom Trisha.  Thank you, Trisha, for being a Two-Time All-Star Foster Fail for Save a Forgotten Equine.”