SAFE Alumni volunteers, Candi K and Jackie L, recently visited George and his family. Here is an update from Candi.

Imagine turning off a country road and setting your eyes upon an idyllic white farmhouse nestled amidst 6 acres of fragrant, sweet grass with the sights and sounds of your favorite farm animals. You will have arrived at Dr. Ana and Clint Kidder’s slice of paradise. Jackie and I had the pleasure of visiting them this past weekend to see our alumni George.

Albert, the proud goose and Greta, the Golden Retriever were our welcoming committee. As we strolled up the drive we were met by the cutest pony and donkey and just beyond that we saw the familiar face of George. Standing at the gate he was waiting for Ana to halter him and bring him out to graze on the freshly cut grass. He has grown into such a handsome guy with his thick tri-color mane, shiny coat and dapples emerging for the summer. He and Ana enjoy trail rides right from home and he gets to graze out on the property with the rest of his farm friends. Clint has his paintless dent removal business on the property. Ana mentioned that even though there is a waiting room, the clients are most likely found visiting George and the rest of the animals.

George is healthy and happy and receives the best care. After all. his mom is a veterinarian! There could not have been a better match for this guy. You can see the twinkle in his eye and the love in Ana’s heart for him.

Thank you, Ana and Clint for opening your hearts and home to our beloved Georgie Boy. He is living the best life we could have ever dreamed of with you.